Yusuke Komori

Platform Group


独立系開発会社を経て、ITコンサルティング会社にて業務システム開発、技術支援、若手育成など多様な経験を積む。2010年に「プロになるためのWeb技術入門」を執筆。2019年にLINEへ入社、金融系サービスでバックエンドシステムの開発やアプリケーション基盤チームをリード。 よりビジネスに近いところで、現場目線で開発・運用に関与したいという思いから、2022年2月にキャディにジョイン。プラットフォームチームで、全社横断での技術課題解決や基盤構築・運用に携わる。 趣味は下道ドライブと自宅サーバの運用。
After working for an independent development company, Yusuke gained diverse experience in business system development, technical support, and training of young people at an IT consulting company. 2010, he wrote "Introduction to Web Technology for Professionals.” In 2019, he joined LINE, developing back-end systems and application infrastructure for financial services. He led the team. He joined CADDi Inc. in February 2022 to be involved in development and operations closer to the business and from a field perspective. As a member of the platform team membered he is involved in solving technical issues across the entire company and in the construction and operation of the infrastructure. His hobbies include driving down the road and operating his own server.