Yuichiro Terada


3DCAD/CAMまわりの受託開発で20年近くキャリアを積んだ後、2019年10月にキャディに入社。決め手は、単なるマッチングサービスではなく、実際に製造を請け負って商流にガッツリ入り込む事業モデルだったこと。キャディでは原価計算システムや図面解析アルゴリズムの開発を経て、現在は MO CAD という新しいコンセプトのCAD開発に従事。
After a career of nearly 20 years in contract 3D CAD/CAM development, Yuichiro joined CADDi Inc. in October 2019. The deciding factor was that it was not just a matching service, but a business model that actually undertakes manufacturing and guts into the commercial flow. At CADDi, he worked on the development of costing systems and drawing analysis algorithms and is currently engaged in the development of a new concept of CAD called MO CAD.