Yosuke Tomita


2016年に入社した前職のChatwork株式会社では、インフラマネジメント部を経て、2018年からのSRE部の創設にあわせて、マネージャーに就任。サービスの安定運用、アプリケーション実行基盤の進化、コスト削減、チーム運営等々、様々な業務に携わった。4年間のマネージャー経験を経て、再び1エンジニアとして新しい分野でチャレンジがしたい思いと、キャディが掲げるビジョンに魅せられて、2021年12月にキャディに入社。 キャディが運用する拠点で利用される、内製の在庫管理/倉庫管理システムの立ち上げに携わり、以後、バックエンドエンジニア兼Embedded SREとして、新機能の開発と運用に携わっている。 好きな言葉は、"情物一致"、"冪等性" 、"DevOps"。
In Yosuke’s previous position at Chatwork Corporation, which he joined in 2016, he worked in the Infrastructure Management Department and was appointed manager in 2018 with the creation of the SRE Department. He was involved in various tasks, such as the stable operation of the service, the evolution of the application execution infrastructure, cost reduction, and team management. After 4 years as a manager, he joined CADDi Inc. in December 2021, attracted by the vision of CADDi Inc. and the desire to challenge himself in a new field as an engineer again. He was involved in launching an in-house inventory/warehouse management system used at CADDi's operational sites. Since then, he has been involved in developing and operating new functions as a back-end engineer and Embedded SRE. His favorite words are “consistency between data inventory and physical inventory” “idempotence,” and “DevOps.”