Tatsushi Kiryu


新卒でSIerに入社。toB系のシステム開発に携わり、上流から下流まで工程全般を経験。その後、Webフロントエンドに興味を惹かれ、UI/UXに強みのある受託開発企業へ。社内のWebフロントエンド開発全般を牽引。数年後、外資系UIコンポーネントベンダーへ転職し、クライアントへのUIコンポーネントの導入や、Web技術コンサルティングを実施。 社会に対してより直接的に貢献できる仕事をしたいと思っていたところキャディと出会い、2019年10月にジョイン。社内の生産管理プロダクト開発に携わった後、拠点担当者向けのプロダクト立ち上げ〜運用に従事。
Tatsushi joined SIer as a new graduate and was involved in system development of business-to-business systems, gaining experience in all processes from upstream to downstream. After that, he became interested in web front-end development and joined a contracted development company that specializes in UI/UX. He led the company's overall web front-end development. After several years, he moved to a foreign UI component vendor, where he introduced UI components to clients and provided web technology consulting. He met CADDi Inc. when he was looking for a job where he could make a more direct contribution to society, and joined the company in October 2019. After working on the development of internal production management products, he was involved in the launch and operation of products for base personnel.