Masaki Yano


Kaggle Grandmaster。2018年広告代理店に新卒入社し、研究開発業務に取り組む。その後、株式会社ディー・エヌ・エーにデータサイエンティストとして転職。オートモーティブ事業にてタクシーの需要供給予測モデル開発、ライブストリーミング事業にて推薦モデル開発に従事。 2022年にキャディにジョイン。図面解析に取り組み、現在はMLOpsを担当。
Masaki is known as Kaggle Grandmaster. He joined an advertising agency in 2018 to work in research and development. He then moved to DeNA Inc. as a data scientist. He was involved in developing a demand-supply forecasting model for cabs in the Automotive business and developing a recommendation model in the Live Streaming business. In 2022, he joined CADDi Inc. to work on drawing analysis and he is currently responsible for MLOps.