Colin Woodbury



Colin Woodbury

  • 2022年9月キャディ入社。
  • カナダ出身、2011年からFOSSの世界で活躍。
  • 様々な分野の会社で働いてきた末、2022年秋にCADDi入社。
  • 入社の動機はCADDiの国際化かつ最新技術活用への憧れ。現在DRAWER部署配属で主にRustでバックエンドツールなどを開発。
  • 開発者としては主にRust・Haskell・Lispを使ってきた。趣味は言語学習・歌唱・読書・クライミング・ゴルフ・スノボ。
Originally from Canada, Colin has been active in the Open Source world since 2011. Having worked at a number of software companies in various fields, Colin returned to Japan and joined CADDi in the fall of 2022. His reason for joining was CADDi's globalization efforts and their adoption of new technologies. He currently works in the DRAWER division, developing backend tools in Rust. As a developer, he mainly uses Rust, Haskell, and Lisps. For hobbies, he enjoys language learning, singing, reading, climbing, golf, and snowboarding.


I was looking for an internationally-minded Japanese company that uses modern technology to pursue meaningful ventures. CADDi's focus is on a real industry doing real work, which means the work is worthwhile.


I mainly do backend Rust development, developing and maintaining a number of internal components and libraries. I also teach Rust techniques at internal study sessions, and am one of the organizers of an English conversation practice group.


It has always been interesting to coordinate technical Japanese and English between various colleagues and teams.


I sing in a choir, study languages, and also program a lot of Open Source software.